Major Flat Results 1980 Onwards


A Few Notes
Since the start of the 1993 (Turf) season I have been following all the runners on the flat for a number of Yorkshire trainers. These have been entered into an MS Access database which is now over 5mb in size and growing daily. I have only started to follow some trainers in recent years and I do not follow every trainer as this would be far too time consuming. These results only cover flat races, both Turf and All Weather.

In addition I have tried to enter all 'major' (see my definition below) results for ALL Yorkshire trainers - not just those I follow in detail. Obviously however there are a lot of holes in my data, if you can provide any additions or corrections please email me.

Where there is an obvious continutation in a stable (Peter Easterby to Tim Easterby, Maurice Camacho to Julie Camacho etc.) the results are given under the name of the current license holder.

Trainers followed in detail:


Followed Since


David Barron 25/03/93  
James Bethell 11/09/93 Results prior to moving to Middleham not counted
Julie Camacho 01/01/98 Results prior to 01/01/98 are for Maurice Camacho
David Chapman 25/03/93  
MickEasterby 25/03/93  
Tim Easterby 25/03/93 Results prior to 18/3/96 are for Peter (MH) Easterby
Tim Etherington 01/01/97 Results prior to 01/11/94 are for James Etherington
Chris Fairhurst 01/01/99  
Richard Fahey 20/03/97  
Sally Hall 25/03/93  
Patrick Haslam 25/03/93 Results prior to moving to Middleham not counted
Mark Johnston 25/03/93  
David Nicholls 21/03/96  
Lynda Ramsden 25/03/93 Retired end of 1998 season, started again 2001, retired again.
Kevin Ryan 01/01/00  
Chris Thornton 25/03/93 Retired end of 2010 season
Nigel Tinkler 01/01/98  
Bill Watts 25/03/93 Retired end of 1997 season
Richard Whitaker 25/03/93  

As I didn't originally intend the database for 'publication' the main index is on horse name. When a horse has moved between two different Yorkshire trainers I have therefore given it a 'new' name, incorporating the second (or third or fourth...!) trainers name, eg.BRANSTON BERRY (EYRE). For some races, especially those prior to the time I started tracking a particular trainer in depth, some of the details are a bit sketchy. In these cases I have made an educated guess as to dates, values etc. Sometimes I have included sponsors names in race titles, sometimes not.

'Major' Results
Everyone will have different ideas on this. Anyway my definition is either a) a first, second or third in a black type race (aka a black-type performer) or b) a result (win or place) in any type of race that results in at least the following prize money, which increases slightly over the years;

1980-1984 inc. 7,000
1985-1989 inc. 8,000
1990-1994 inc. 9,000
1995 -2000 inc 10,000
2001 -2003 inc. 12,000
2004 - 2013 inc 14,000
2014 onwards 16,000

However due to the incredible success of Messrs Johnston, (Tim) Easterby, Ryan, Fahey and Nicholls I have treated them as 'special' cases, so for those trainers the criteria is any race where the prize money earned was more than 20,000 (regardless of the year or type of race), or it was a Group Winner, or a Group One placing.

How It's Done
I've produced a report in MS Access which exports the relevant 'major' results into HTML. It wasn't quite as easy as it sounds however and I've had to make compromises such as missing off jockeys claim, distance, course etc. I then redo this export and FTP it upto the site on a reasonably regular basis. Hopefully the layout of the report will improve over time. If you feel the data could be better presented - year by trainer instead of just by trainer and then sorted in date order please let me know.

Some Statistics
I've done some queries in the database for the 2013 flat season (all weather and turf), for the trainers I followed in depth that season. Obviously I can't guarantee that these statistics are 100% accurate, it's always possible I've missed the odd winner or runner. The first shows winners (not number of wins) per individual runner (not runs) In other words: "what is the percentage likelihood that a horse with this trainer will win a race?", and on this criteria the top ten trainers are as follows;

Trainer Winners Runners Percentage
Ruth Carr 23 35 65.71
David Barron 43 71 60.56
Mark Johnston 120 256 46.88
Richard Fahey 111 241 46.06
Mick Easterby 32 73 43.84
Kevin Ryan 61 142 42.96
David Nicholls 30 72 41.67
Richard Whitaker 8 22 36.36
Sally Hall 1 3 33.33
James Bethell 7 23 30.43

The second table shows the number of individual black-type performers (not performances) per individual runner, and on this criteria the top five in 2013 were thus;

Trainer Black Type Performers Runners Percentage
Richard Fahey 15 241 6.22
David Barron 4 71 5.63
Kevin Ryan 8 142 5.63
Mark Johnston 12 256 4.69
David Nicholls 1 72 1.39

As it's a bit hit and miss, especially for the smaller stables, as to whether you have a horse good enough to perform in black type events, the following table shows the five years statistics (2009 - 2013 inc) on this criteria (only trainers still active at the end of 2013 were ranked). In this five year period the top five were as follows ;

Trainer Black Type Performers Runners Percentage
Kevin Ryan 34 451 7.54
Mark Johnston 62 844 7.35
Richard Fahey 44 636 6.92
David Barron 13 193 6.74
Tim Etherington 2 33 6.06


All information provided on this site is given on a 'best endeavours' basis. No guarantee as to the accuracy of the data is implied nor should it be assumed. For clarification please contact the relevant parties.
If you have any comments, corrections, suggestions, pictures or (most importantly) information please
email me.

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